Kristin Roosmalen Photography is Officially Up & Running!

Proposal Rock, Neskowin Beach

For the past two weeks, I’ve been battling a pretty nasty cold, at least that is what I think it is.  It started on a Sunday and just kind of sneaked up on me.  A friend noticed before I did because of my voice. When confronted with her “are you sick” question, I had to pause and really think about it.  I had been so busy unpacking my eagerly-anticipated boxes from Wisconsin that I hadn’t stopped to take a breather.  When I did, I had to admit I was feeling a little under the weather.  By the end of the day, there was no question about it, I was sick.

I went to work Monday morning and was promptly sent home and told to rest up and get better. After three days of rest and working at home, I felt a lot better and went back to work and finished out the week.  I was feeling so much better by Saturday that  I decided to take a low-key trip out to the coast and soak up the sun a bit on Sunday.  I didn’t do anything too strenuous, just some leisurely walking on the beach and a lot of driving.  When I went back to work on Monday morning, my cough was a little more prominent.  By Thursday, I felt completely devoid of any energy so I worked from home in the afternoon and took Friday off to rest.  And rest I did, I ended up sleeping the entire day. Apparently my body knew what it needed and decided to take it.

Wanting to feel better as soon as possible, I committed to resting the entire weekend.  This was no easy feat since it was predicted to be sunny and near record breaking temperatures of 70 degrees in the Portland area.  There was so much hiking I had been looking forward to doing earlier in the week before my health decided to decline again.  Such is life though and I decided if I were going to be stuck inside at home, I was going to make the most of it.

I’ve spent the entire weekend diligently working on my photography website, a project in the making for weeks.  Well, at least in the sense of actually owning a website that just needed to be built.  The photography that goes into it has been years in the making and deciding which photographs to sell was no easy task. It required looking through thousands of photographs and trying to predict which ones someone would want to hang on their wall, let alone pay for.  Even after selecting photographs I think would meet both criteria, there was another step, editing.  This was definitely the most time consuming part of the process.

I am pleased to report that I do have a site that is ready to share, although a little more work is needed as far as refining some photos I want to include.  After that, the next step is marketing and there is a list a mile long of tasks that I need to do with that but at last, I have a place to share my best work that not only can be seen but also available for purchase by others who enjoy the wild places that surround us.  This way, they too can keep a little piece of it for themselves.

Click here to visit Kristin Roosmalen Photography.  

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