Bigfoot, Waterfalls and Psychonaut Art, Oh My!

You know you’re in the Pacific Northwest when you find yourself at a Salmon, Mushroom & Bigfoot Festival.  In it’s 21st year, this annual event held on October 4th & 5th this year, featured a Native American Salmon Bake, Scarecrow Contest, Scarecrow Fashion Show, Sasquatch Talks and Native American Flute Concert.  There were also local artists and crafters onsite selling crafts, snacks, lotions but to my knowledge, no Bigfoot.  It was on the small side for a festival but a beautiful drive on Highway 26, near the historic Village of Brightwood, Oregon.

Salmon, Mushroom & Bigfoot Festival

After grabbing a bite to eat and perusing the craft tables, we stopped nearby for a quick and short hike to Little Zig Zag Falls.  Considerably cooler, the fresh mountain air was a welcomed respite from the unusually warm weather we’ve been having.  The forest was filled with the usual green I know and love in this area.  The smell of the forest is my new favorite thing.

Little Zig Zag Falls

A little sooner than anticipated, I found my own apartment here in Portland.  I am excited to move in on November 10th although due to costs, my household items won’t be making their way from Wisconsin for several more months.  The location is great, right by the Willamette River, near the Pearl District and Saturday Market and only a short 6 minute train ride to work.  The area is also great for walking Cole because a three mile looped trail runs along the Willamette between the complex and my work.  Also noteworthy are the community rooms and rooftop terraces free for  tenants to reserve for private events.

View from Courtyard at The Yards at Union Station

I finally made a trip to the Saturday Market.  Besides shopping and food, the market is known for street performers and musicians.  Much to my surprise and delight, I was met with a performance of an amped didgeridoo and drum machine which produced a sort of hypnotic, techno vibe. After a quick round of all the food options, I decided to go with the food of my people and stopped at the Polish food cart (which was delicious!).  After a bite to eat, I did a little shopping.  With my limited budget, I wasn’t able to buy much but there were so many great photographs, art and blown glass items to choose from.  Three notable artists that I want to mention are:  Tobin Floom Fine Art Photography, Whatif Creations and J. Slattum, Pscychonaut Artist.  Check out their sites to see what I mean.  Portland has some seriously talented artists here!

Saturday Market (Skidmore Fountain section)
To view more of my nature photography, please click here.  

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