My Salvation!

Prior to a decline in income in 2009, I was fortunate to be able to buy most things I wanted without a second thought: books, movies, music, dinners out, traveling, you get the picture.  Since that decline, I had to make some major adjustments in the way I lived.  It has been a difficult process at times but I am thankful for it in one respect more than any other:  it helped me become a more resourceful person.    

A little over a year ago, I decided to get a library card when I discovered there were more than just books inside.  The only thing that rivals my addiction to nature is my addiction to music.  It’s funny how something that has always been an option can seem like such a revelation when the light bulb first goes on.  “There is a place where you can borrow things that normally cost money, for free?!?  Sign me up!!”

I haven’t had cable in quite some time.  Instead, I paid for Netflix streaming.  It was a lot less expensive and had enough options to keep my mind sufficiently numbed from time to time when I needed it.  This summer had been filled with so much hiking and activities that I hadn’t used it in over a month.  So I figured best to put it on hold, save myself a little money, and stick to broadcast television. 

Since the decision to move to Oregon, everything is about reducing expenses these days so there will be no reactivating of my Netflix account.  With my goal of hiking each state park in Wisconsin almost complete, I began to wonder what free things I could do to keep myself busy in the coming months that will be spent hibernating from the cold.  During my last visit to the library to pick up some items I had put on hold, I decided to look at the DVD section and grab a couple of movies for the weekend.  I spent the entire weekend with my dog, reading books, watching movies and listening to new music.  Although a bit of a change of pace from my formerly jam packed hiking weekends, it was surprisingly enjoyable.

It then occurred to me just how lucky we are to have this resource.  I now have an entirely new appreciation for our public library system since it will be my savior for a long winter ahead that would have otherwise been dull.  I’m now looking forward to spending my nights curled up with a wide range of books, movies and music.  Who would have guessed that entirely new worlds were just waiting to be discovered right down the road at my local library?  To find your nearest library, visit 

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